Kathleen Erin Davis

 Thanks for visiting my website. I've been a professional journalist for over a decade, and writer since I declared my intentions to be a novelist when I was six years old.

I've worked at Popular Photography, Women's Day, Entrepreneur, Howcast.com, Metro Times Detroit, and more. My freelance work has been published in Car & Travel AAA New York, Popular Science, Time Out New York and others. 

I'm obsessed with sharing interesting facts and helpful information, creating compelling writing, and helping people understand and change the world. I'm working on my first novel in an effort to make the six-year-old me proud.

I'm the Leadership Section Editor at FastCompany.com
 I am also a registered Vinyasa yoga teacher, a jeerleader for Gotham Girls Roller Derby, and a cookie connoisseur. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, two cats, and a lot of books.